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Lost Time - A Rationale

Updated: Jan 10

I decided to start this blog as a bit of a catalog. It can be really difficult for me to represent myself and work in a public context. I have struggled most of my life with imposter syndrome and high sensitivity to the (potential) criticism of others. This is meant to collect some of the media, products, ephemera, and spaces that I've either created or contributed to over the years in some way. It is my hope that I can develop a bit better narrative sense of things I've done but also learn to take more value in the challenges, failures, and journey along the way.

Lost time means a number of things to me. Mulder and Scully experience nine minutes of lost time in a brush with a UFO on The X-Files. I often feel what I would call lost time when emerging from a really engaging movie. People get lost in woodworking or gardening. I've also experienced lost time in a negative sense, such a moments or experiences that I've disassociated from, due to trauma, or refusing myself an opportunity because I doubt my worth of that opportunity. This is an exercise, not in getting that time back, but in simply cataloging moments to revisit them later and have fewer details to make up. This is dedicated to my hobbies, jobbies, gigs, side work, endeavors, and otherwise, shit I tried.

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